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Halloween Green Slime Spinach Dip

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I got this recipe for a fun dip from Tara, my neighbor and friend, to try out for Halloween. I made a batch of last week and thought I'd better post it before Halloween is upon us.

Unfortunately, I "misplaced" the pictures I took while making this dip. They are not on my CompactFlash cards, so I must have downloaded to my computer already... the computer that's currently stuffed in my closet because of the recarpeting. When I get access to the pictures again, I'll update this post, but for now, we must use our imaginations.

I started by assembling the necessary ingredients: A 10-ounce box of frozen chopped spinach, 4 oz. cream cheese, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/3 cup salsa, 2 scallions, 1 clove of garlic, and 1/2 teaspoon each of salt and pepper.

I thawed the spinach and drained it in a sieve. While it was draining, I chopped up the scallions and minced the garlic.

After the spinach was drained, I used a paper towel to press on the spinach to squeeze most of the excess liquid out.

Then I put all the ingredients into a bar blender and blended until all the components were well blended together. You may need to turn off the blender and use a spoon to redistribute the contents before it will fully blend. It's also probably a good idea to break the cream cheese into smaller chunks to help the blender mix evenly.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and refrigerate for at least two hours for the dip to thicken slightly.

About 30 minutes before time to serve, remove the dip from the refrigerator and let it stand at room temperature. Serve with thick chips or crackers.

Tina and I found the flavor to be pleasant and the consistancy perfect for dipping. Our Tostitos brand tortilla chips picked up ample amounts of dip without a problem (dip didn't drip off and the chip didn't snap). The final flavor of the dip is largely dependant of the flavor and quality of the salsa used. I found that a salsa high in tomato paste (like Pace Picante Sauce or Chunky Salsa) worked really well, while a fresh tomato salsa (like Salsa Cruda or Pico de Gallo) did not work as well because it wasn't as thick and the tomatoes contain a lot of additional water. Also, the salsa flavor comes through to the final dip. We used a chipotle salsa and achieved a nice smokey flavor to the dip. The dip also looked like spinach dip and didn't seem to have the promised "slime" effect. Tasty, yes. Scary? Nope.

Halloween Green Slime Spinach Dip (makes about 3 cups)
10 oz frozen spinachthaw & drainblendrefrigerate 2 hourslet stand 30 min.
4 oz cream cheese
1/2 c sour cream
1/3 c mild salsa
2 green onionschop
1 garlic clovemince
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
Copyright Michael Chu 2004
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Written by Michael Chu
Published on
3 comments on Halloween Green Slime Spinach Dip:(Post a comment)

On November 11, 2005 at 03:09 PM, Angie (guest) said...
I like to make the recipe for spinach dip off the Mrs. Grass vegetable soup mix. I believe it is:
1 packet vegetable soup mix
8 oz. sour cream
8 oz. mayonaise (I prefer fat free Miracle Whip)
Add 1 package thawed and drained (frozen) chopped spinach

No resemblance to slime, but years of proven party success.

On April 08, 2016 at 03:09 PM, an anonymous reader said...
Great recipe! Would you mind it if I share it on my Private Chef site?

On April 08, 2016 at 03:54 PM, Dilbert said...
what would you share? there's no recipes posted, only pix.
there's no pix here.

seems to be a blog flog, no?

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