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Article Submission Program

Article Submission Program

by Michael Chu
In an effort to provide more quality content to the Cooking For Engineers readership and community, we are expanding our main website to include articles submitted by the general public. To maintain the quality of the content, each article will be reviewed, and the author will be contacted with further instructions. Here's how it works...
  1. Think of a good idea, recipe, review, or information about food or cooking that you'd like to share with the world.
  2. Write the article in your own words in the text editor or word processor of your choice. For tables, you can use your word processor or spreadsheet software to help format it properly. Take pictures whenever appropriate (recipes should always be accompanied by at least one picture showing the final product).
  3. Make sure all the content you have written or prepared is your content. Do not submit photographs downloaded from the internet unless you are the copyright holder (i.e. you took the picture).
  4. Submit your article to via e-mail. Include all images as attachments and any supporting files you may wish to attach. The article can be written in most of the popular formats.
  5. Cooking For Engineers will contact you regarding your submission. If we can't read it, we'll let you know and see if we can find a format that we have in common (but this probably won't happen). If we like the article and we have the budget for that month, we'll publish it. Cooking For Engineers reserves the right to edit, truncate, revise, fix typos, reformat, or reword any article submitted to Cooking For Engineers AND selected for publication.
  6. Prior to publication, you'll verify that the article is what you intended to say (double check that Cooking For Engineers hasn't put words in your mouth) and confirm with Cooking For Engineers your Paypal account. You will also e-mail the license agreement back to Cooking For Engineers as your agreement that the article will be exclusively licensed to Cooking For Engineers in exchange for an agreed upon sum of money.
  7. At publication time, Cooking For Engineers will deposit the amount of money agreed upon to your Paypal account and publish the article.

Why submit your content to Cooking For Engineers?
  1. You get to publish your work on a very popular cooking website where lots of unique visitors will read what you have to say about cooking. It's a pretty cool feeling when you realize that several people worldwide are cooking the same thing you are and finding enjoyment out of it.
  2. You get to write a custom byline to promote yourself, your website, or whatever you want (as long as it doesn't violate the User Agreement).
  3. You get a little extra cash for each article you write that gets published.

How much money?
We have set aside a little money each month for articles. It's not much, so we're limited to how many articles we can publish each month and still provide a reasonable reward to the authors. The amounts are not set in stone, but will be dependant on length of article, style and quality of writing, and the topic. At this time, the typical recipe article (complete with step by step pictures) should result in $20 compensation (with outstanding articles receiving more while shorter, simpler articles receiving as little as $10).

How big should my images be?
We prefer the images to be at least 640 pixels in the longest dimension.
Written by Michael Chu
Published on November 10, 2006 at 11:00 PM
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