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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

by Michael Chu

  1. I want to help support Cooking For Engineers. How can I help?
    If you would like to support Cooking For Engineers directly, financial support is accepted through PayPal through the following form:
     Amount of support

    Cooking For Engineers is also supported through online purchases made by its readers from Amazon supplies quality cookware, kitchen gadgets, and cookbooks, as well as other necessities (video games, books, and more). Please enter through the following link:
    Shop Amazon for Cookware, Knives, Cookbooks, and more

    Cooking For Engineers is also supported through merchandise sales through MetroKitchen, an online retailer specializing in high-quality kitchenware.
    Excellent seller of AllClad, Henckels, Wusthof, John Boos and more

    Google AdSense also helps to support Cooking For Engineers by placing relevant advertising in (hopefully) unobtrusive but reasonably visible (oxymoron?) locations on the website.

  2. I've got a recipe to share. Where can I post it?
    It's easiest to post recipes in the Community Forums in the Recipes forum.

    We also have an Article Submission Program where you can write up your recipe and get paid if it's published on Cooking For Engineers. Please read more about it here. If you've written a recipe up (complete with photographs), please submit them electronically, by e-mailing

  3. I have an idea for an article. If I write it, will you publish it?
    Cooking For Engineers is looking for fresh content. If you spend the time to write up an article, we'll take the time to read it. If Cooking For Engineers finds that the article is interesting and fits with the website, then we'll publish it. If an article is published, the author also gets paid via Paypal (amount depends on the type and quality of article). Click here to read more about the program.

  4. Why do some articles allow comments through Blogger and others use the Cooking For Engineers Forums? Also, why do some articles have a bunch of comments posted at almost the same time?
    When Cooking For Engineers began, the website started on Blogger. Many of the pages still use the Blogger comment interface, and we're slowing moving away from that model. It does take time to transfer the comments (manually) from the Blogger comment pages to the Forum based comments. Also, because of the manual copying of comments, we are unable to alter the times to reflect the original time of posting for each comment. Therefore, you will see a large collection of comments with approximately the same time (the time when the comments were copied over to the Forums). We apologize for the inconvenience and potential confusion.

  5. I've got an idea for the website. How do I let Michael know?
    You can either submit your idea to Michael through e-mail at or post to the Cooking For Engineers Website Discussion forum in the Community Forums. If you want to write an article based on the idea, you can submit your article to

  6. How do I tell Michael about a new shopping deal?
    If you have a deal to share or see something that's of exceptional value that you would like posted to the Deals Blog, let Michael know by sending an e-mail to

  7. Can I pay to have Cooking For Engineers review my book/product/foodstuff?
    Cooking For Engineers receives review samples on a regular, ongoing basis from many individuals, vendors, and companies. Due to the volume of items received, whether or not a review is written is up to the sole discretion of Cooking For Engineers. You cannot pay to have an item reviewed, but you can arrange to send review samples or product information by contacting us via e-mail at Publication of a review is not guaranteed.
  8. What do I do if there is a bug or a problem with the website?
    If you can't see a part of the website or a page renders incorrectly or ugly, please, please, e-mail Michael at so he can try to fix it. Please remember to include the URL as well as information on which operating system and web browser you are using so Michael knows under which environment to check the problem.

  9. I e-mailed Michael several days ago and he still hasn't responded. Is he redirecting his e-mails into /dev/null (or are all his e-mails going into a black hole)?
    Although Michael endeavours to respond to e-mail within a couple days, sometimes they slip through the cracks. Most likely, if you do not receive a response from Michael, it means that he thought the e-mail needed more thought and consideration than was available to him at the time he received the message. Then after a while, he forgot that he received the e-mail. If a week has passed, kindly resend the e-mail. Michael receives a lot of e-mail and doesn't mind replying to them, but he hopes everyone understands if he misses a few.
Written by Michael Chu
Published on October 12, 2005 at 07:54 PM
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