Monday, December 11, 2006

Scanpan Deals

Allan from Keylan let me know about a deal they are having on Scanpans. Scanpans are a high end non-stick pan that produces a durable cookware. I'm always skeptical of the supposed durability of the non-stick coating, so I never use metal on my Scanpan (even though they say you can). I've had the 9-in. frying pan for over two years and it keeps in constant use (more than any other non-stick pan that I own) and I'm amazed at how it manages to stay non-stick. Most of my non-sticks lose their amazing abilities and become slightly stick prone after some use (about a year will do it), but the Scanpan continues to release perfectly. After two years of use, a few light scratch marks (cosmetic) and a single small pit has formed in the surface, but no bright metal spot has appeared and the surface still releases perfectly. If I was to recommend a non-stick pan, I'd definitely recommend the Scanpan.

Anyway, here are the deals that Allan sent to me:
*free* ERGONOMIC 8" frypan(valued at $80) with sets A20410,
20404 and
for the next 33 of these sets sold.

*free* ERGONOMIC glass lid with each 8in, 10.25in and
11in classic
frypan. While stocks last.

*free* stainless steel roaster rack with each small, medium or large CLASSIC ROASTING PAN

Leave a comment if this worked for you or doesn't work anymore.


At 9:00 PM, astrid said...

Amazon is doing another Kitchenaid mixer sale, not nearly as good as the one in May though. It's $199 - $25 rebate by punching in hohosale.

At 9:53 PM, astrid said...

It looks like this site gets very little attention.

Anyways, the Kitchenaid mixers are all gone, but Amazon is selling Scanpan 8.5" sautee pans for $30


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