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The nice guys over at Thermoworks have put together a great giveaway for Father's Day 2014 for Cooking For Engineers readers. This time around I'll be raffling off three items together as a bundle worth over $100 - Thermowork's ChefAlarm, Thermopop, and TimeStick.
After the sensory overload I encountered at the Winter Fancy Food Show, it was nice to visit the much more intimate Food FĂȘte. However, compared to last year there seemed to be fewer exhibitors on display. I tried everything and there were still a few things worth mentioning, either because they were tasty or just weird.
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I spend a lot of time in the kitchen when I'm preparing a recipe for Cooking For Engineers. Sometimes, after a while, my feet, knees, hip, or lower back can start to hurt. I don't like wearing shoes inside the house, so my feet really aren't getting the support that they are supposed to have especially if I'm on them for a few hours. Enter the GelPro Mat - a soft but supportive floor mat that absorbs shock and spreads out the weight across the whole foot. I've been using the Mat in my kitchen for the last six months, and I can definitely say that it works!
Pears are pomes (fruits with distinct cores of seeds from the Rose family) which have been cultivated for thousands of years. Although they are cousins of the apple, pears are much more delicate. Once ripe, pears should be consumed within days even with the aid of refrigeration.
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