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It's been a while since I've written an article on Cooking For Engineers. There are lots of reasons for this including lack of time (or perhaps poor time management) and raising Emma (who is now nearly 3 years old), but I haven't stopped cooking and trying stuff in the kitchen. Many readers have encouraged me to return to writing and not worry so much about preparing an exhaustive article. A few have also suggested that to get back into writing, I could just write about stuff that I use or cook regularly. With that in mind, I've decided to start writing shorter equipment reviews to get back into the rhythm of writing. Then I was faced with the daunting task of picking what to write about first. After some more paralysis, I decided to write about a tool that I don't use that much anymore, but I'm happy to have on hand when I need it: OXO Good Grips Food Mill.
The word biltong comes from the Dutch words "bil"(rump) and "tong" (tongue or strips) so roughly translates as rump strips. It was created by the early Dutch settlers who quickly realized that meat would not stay fresh for long in that hot climate and that you would need to make provisions for your journey as there was no guarantee that you would find meat along the way. When Voortrekkers where moving though the wilderness of South Africa, they changed the indigenous curing process from one that used salt as the key curing ingredient to that of vinegar. Originally from Zimbabwe, Sebastian now lives in the UK where he spends some of his spare time in the kitchen cooking and experimenting with food and the gadgets that you find in the kitchen. You can visit his site covering his take on cookware and kitchen gadgets that interest him.
Equipment & Gear
As a fairly picky, detail-oriented person, it's not often that I find a product that I like. It's even more difficult for me to be pleased once I've experienced a wide range of products that perform the same task but are of widely varying performance, quality, and feel. This is especially true of knives - so it came as a surprise that I would find myself wholeheartedly recommending a knife set from Saber Knives.
Yesterday, in one of my lazy moods, I succumbed to the microwave pizza dinner. Opening the box, I noticed the instructions mentioned placing the frozen pizza on a shiny, metallic disk but only if I used the microwave and not the oven. This got me thinking about the effect of the disk on the pizza and so I did a little research on the browning of foods. Aaron Chan believes that since everyone needs to eat to live, food should be everyone's top priority.
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