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The nice guys over at Thermoworks have put together a great giveaway for Father's Day 2014 for Cooking For Engineers readers. This time around I'll be raffling off three items together as a bundle worth over $100 - Thermowork's ChefAlarm, Thermopop, and TimeStick.
After the sensory overload I encountered at the Winter Fancy Food Show, it was nice to visit the much more intimate Food FĂȘte. However, compared to last year there seemed to be fewer exhibitors on display. I tried everything and there were still a few things worth mentioning, either because they were tasty or just weird.
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The use of yeast gives baked goods (such as breads) both flavor and an airy lightness. Unlike chemical leaveners which react upon contact to produce gases, yeast are living organisms that digest sugars and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. Because they are living, we promote their growth and their production by providing them with warmth, food (sugars), and time. Yeast is used for a variety of purposes outside of baking (such as for brewing beer, for fermenting wine, and for ingesting as a nutritional supplement) but we'll focus on yeast for baking in this article.
I love my Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder, but not for grinding coffee (I get my caffeine through sodas). I use this handheld grinder for grinding spices quickly and efficiently. The metal blades spin at very fast speeds on this grinder and chop spices anywhere from a coarse to a powder fine grind depending on how long you push the button. The design is safe (a momentary switch on lid ensures the unit can't be activated when open) and convenient (the lid doubles as a carrying vessel for the ground spices). Cleaning the device could be easier, but using a small paint brush to brush out the grinding bowl and then wiping with a wet cloth or paper towel does the job. The lid can be rinsed and washed with warm soapy water easily. Best of all, this grinder takes up less than 3-1/2 in. (9 cm) round of space in my cupboard.
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