Monday, October 18, 2004

Oneida 73 piece flatware for $60 shipped

If you need flatware, has Oneida 18/8 flatware on sale for $59.99. This is a 53-piece set that comes with a free gift of 20 more pieces if you click on the "Buy Both and Save" button under "Best Value".

Only the True Rose set seems to be still providing this deal:
True Rose

Remember to click on the "Buy both and save" button.

Also, I've read on other deal sites that counts the value of the free set towards coupons, so if you purchase another $25 worth of kitchen stuff you can use the coupon KHBEVENTSALE when checking out and pay a total of only $65. [$60 (53 piece) + $35 (20 piece) - $35 (free offer) + $25 (more stuff) - $20 (coupon) = $65]

Leave a comment if this worked for you or doesn't work anymore.


At 6:51 AM, Dejafu said...

Two teaspoons per place setting? That seems unusual, especially since the 20-pc set only has one each. You'll have plenty of spoons though.


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