Friday, October 08, 2004

Amazon Deal: Wüstof Grand Prix Knives

I just noticed that Amazon is selling the Wustof Grand Prix knives at a discount.

Wüsthof Grand Prix 5-Piece Block Set for $99.99
Wüsthof Grand Prix 7-Piece Block Set for $179.99
These are about $20 off the price you can usually get online. I also think right now for orders over $120 you get $20 off, so the last knife set might be as low as $159.99. [Note: The details for the $20 off $120 state that it doesn't work on Wusthof knives. I was confused because the "special" shows up when you look at the knives on Amazon.]

I don't usually recommend knife sets, so here's the page for all the discounted knives:
The discounted Wüsthof knives

The 10-in. chef's knife is going for $73.99 (about $30 off regular price).

I'll remove this entry when the sale is over.


At 5:35 PM, Anonymous said...

FYI... The rules on the extra $20 off on on $120 or more Kitchen and Housewares purchases, specifically exclude Wusthof knives. $179 for that 7-piece set is still a great price though.

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous said...

This sale is actually because Wustof is discontinuing Trident knives in favor of Trident II. You can get the same or better deals from


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