Monday, February 07, 2005 sale on Feb. 7 - Wustof 7-piece for $150! has a big One Day Sale on Kitchen and Housewares (click on the link for all the sale items). Some of the items are discounted quite a bit. The highlight is the 7-piece Wusthof Grand Prix set which is going for $150. If you are the type of person to buy a set of knives (which I don't recommend, read my knife article), then at least buy a good set. Wustof's been clearing out their inventory of Grand Prix, so here's your chance to pick up an expensive set for (relatively) cheap. Here are a few other examples of the items on sale:
If you buy more than $125, you can use coupon code: FEBRUARYKHBB to take $25 off the order. (I don't think you can use this on the Wusthof knives, but you can always try.)

Leave a comment if this worked for you or doesn't work anymore.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous said...

I broke down and bought the Wusthof 7 piece knife set, and tried the coupon code you posted, and it works, so it's $150 minus $25, at $125 for the set. I took advantage of that coupon and did overnight shipping. I hate waiting, especially for knives as nice as these. Thanks for mentioning the great deal!

At 7:41 AM, Josh said...

Thanks for your post. I received the knife set minus the "bonus paring knife" (approx value $5). I complained to Amazon and they credited $15 back to my account. So $110 for a Wusthof set. Can't beat that!


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