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Monday, October 11, 2004

New Feature: Table of Contents

By popular request, I have finally written a usable Table of Contents that lists every article the Cooking For Engineers contains. Hopefully, this will help everyone navigate the site a bit easier and find what you're looking for all in one location.

If there are any bug or errors please send me details at so I can fix it. Also, I'll probably be adding a few more filters/sorting mechanisms to the Table of Contents in the future, but for now it will probably stay the way it is.

A few of you may remember that I blamed blogger for not providing a way to automatically produce a master index or table of contents of all articles. Well, they still haven't written back to me and it doesn't look like they have any way of generating a master index. So, I wrote the table of contents script to work on a MySQL database that I have to maintain separately from the blogger based postings (until such time as I move off blogger and onto a custom CMS), so don't be surprised if there's some delay between my posts and getting the article onto the table of contents. I'll try to get into the habit of updating both at the same time, though.

Have fun everyone!

posted by Michael Chu @ 10/11/2004 01:12:21 AM   4 comments
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At 10/11/2004 11:05:13 AM, Anonymous said...

The TOC link doesn't seem to work as of 10/11/04 at 1:06 pm CST. I get a "page not found" message. I'm looking forward to the TOC, though. Thanks!

At 10/11/2004 11:31:51 AM, Michael Chu said...

I just checked the TOC page on both IE and Firefox from the main page as well as this one. They seem to work. Which page are you getting the error from and what browser are you using?

At 10/17/2004 05:18:05 PM, Anonymous said...

regarding the link to table pf contents - the link at the top of the page points to :-
and this doesn't appear to work.
The link in the 'Last Ten Articles' section points to :-
and that works OK.

Great site !!!



At 10/17/2004 09:41:52 PM, Michael Chu said...

The link on the "Last Ten Articles" only takes you to the page that "announces" the table of contents. It doesn't take you to the table of contents which resides at \toc.php. If it's not showing up, I don't know what to do... and I'm planning to move the entire site over to php with mysql (which is what the TOC, Recommended Reading, and Ingredients Dictionary is based on) in the future. Maybe I won't if there are problems.


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