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Monday, October 18, 2004

New Feature: Deals Blog

A week or so ago, I posted about some deals that I found on on Wusthof knives. I received some mail asking me to continue to provide this sort of information when I spot what looks like a good deal. I didn't want to "clutter" up the main Cooking For Engineers webpage with temporary deal information, so I started a Deals Blog. I'll post kitchen and cooking related deals as I come across them. If you see a deal you want to pass along, you can e-mail me at

Even though I'm planning to move away from the blog model of posting articles with Cooking For Engineers, I felt that a blog would an ideal method of posting deals at CfE - Deals because internet and store deals generally lose importance as time progresses and a blog inherently is time sensitive.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do surf more and do get a percentage "kickback" when readers of this site go to and order a product. I will try to put up deals at other sites as well, but I'll probably need help spotting them as I spend less time surfing these days and more time writing.

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At 8:27 AM, Scott DeWolf said...

I would check out Kershaw's Shun series. I have not found a better set of knives. Less honing and less sharpening needed.



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