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Custom Made Knife Blocks
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Michael Chu

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 7:50 am    Post subject: Re: Custom Made Knife Blocks Reply with quote

EngineeringProfessor wrote:
Your ad needs to be posted on "Cooking for Management", most engineers aren't into expensive toys unless they have either an engine or microprocessor installed in them.

Or a CCD or CMOS sensor built in...
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:38 pm    Post subject: custom made knife blocks Reply with quote

Make your own knife holders, possums and other adorable creatures:
My son as a pre-teen used to make these and sell them on the streets of Greenwich Village in NYC. Until he got arrested for selling without a vendor's license:0 The materials were virtually free, and the result is a terrific looking, totally practical knife holder that hangs on the wall. Knives always at hand, out of harm's way, blades protected. Each 18" knife holder holds up to about 10 knives of varying sizes, from paring knives to chef's knives and cleavers. Great if you've got limited counter space as many NYCers do, or live on a boat. Son would collect the discarded flat open cartons used by wholesalers for delivering fruit and veg to shops. He'd break them down, keeping the two wooden ends with the pretty paper labels and some of the thinner side slats for spacers. It's dead easy; here's how you can do it - assembly with a hammer or a shoe takes about 10 minutes:

1. two slats of wood exactly the same size, about 1" x 4" x 18". Measurements are approximate and can vary set by set, depending on your needs and space. Slats should not be thicker than 1" (At the lumber yard, a 1"x4" is actually only 5/8"x3 3/4") Any thinnish wood slats will do. The length is up to you: How many knives do you want to hang? Make one or two of these, or more if you've a huge collection.
2. four "spacers" - little discs to secure between the slats - or small strips of wood to serve as spacers at either end of the slats. These create the slot through which you'll slide the knife blades for hanging. The knife handle keeps them in place by being too thick to go through the slot.
3. four small nails, long enough to secure the two slats, with the spacers in between, together
4. Two screw eyes for hanging the knife holder on the wall.

Place one slat flat on the work surface; put spacers or strips of wood at either end. Place second slat on top. Nail together at top and bottom of either side of slats, securing the slats with the spacers in between. Put screw eyes at either end of the top of the back slat, to hang on the wall. Ultimately, the screw eyes will point at the floor, and the back slat will be flat against the wall, and the knives will hang in the "slot", knife points pointing to the floor.

You can leave the original paper labels from the produce wholesalers on the front slat; shellac them if you like. Mine are still fine after 25 years without shellac. You can make these as rustic or as moderne as your taste and decor dictate; heck, you can paint them or bond pictures or metal onto them or leave them plain, waxed wood, or glue glitter on 'em if that strikes your fancy. If you have trouble envisioning these, post a question here, and I will try to be clearer. These knife holders are terrific! The design is the essence of simplicity, and they are practical and...FREE!)))))))

slats strips shellac slip slots slide spacers slits: say this 5 times fast...))))
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