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Pan Fried Fish Fillets

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Pan Fried Fish Fillets
1 Tbs. oilheatpan fry
Fish filletsseason

Pan frying time
Fillet ThicknessCooking Time on each sideFat
Thick - 1 inch5 minutes1 Tbs. olive oil
Medium - 3/4 inch4 minutes1/2 Tbs. olive oil & 1/2 Tbs. butter
Thin - 1/2 inch3 minutes1 Tbs. butter
Copyright Michael Chu 2004

The olive oil should have a high smoke point - use either high quality extra virgin olive oil for more flavor or light olive oil.

Update: Some people have mentioned that you should never sear meat with extra virgin olive oil because of the low smoke point. This is generally true, but high quality extra virgin olive oil typically has a lower acidity than regular extra virgin olive oil. As one example, Bertolli brand extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 406°F. I would not use a supermarket brand extra virgin olive oil for any type of cooking because it would be too easy to exceed the oil's smoke point.