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Beer Butt Chicken

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2005 4:52 pm    Post subject: Beer Butt Chicken Reply with quote

After several months of grilling an assortment of pork and beef we searched volumes upon volumes of webpages in an effort to find a decent recipe for grilled chicken. Actually, it took me all of nine seconds. I saw the words "Beer" and "chicken" and after 15 min of rejoicing regained control of my mouse and proceeded to click print. Googling "Beer can chicken" or "beer butt chicken" will get you an array of recipes. Ultimately it comes down to a few simple things and my personal adaptation of ingredients:

1 Chicken (2-4lbs), whole and gutted.
1 Lemon
1 Quarter stick butter (Can substitute Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Kosher salt (amount varies, just an even cover on the outside of the bird)
Fresh Ground Pepper (Same as salt)
8 Cloves Garlic (Adjust this to your liking, but I like Garlic)
1/2 Package Fresh Rosemary (Roughly 6 or 7 units, sprigs, whatever it is)
2 16oz cans of Beer (your choice)

Begin by taking the chicken and seperating the skin from the breast creating a pocket. Don't remove it, just pull it away from the meat so you can stuff the ingredients in there and keep them in place. You can also do it down the back from behind the neck area.

Use the butter or olive oil in the pockets you have created on the front and back. Then continue on the outside of the bird as well.

Mince the garlic. Reserve about 1/4 for use later, the rest place in the pockets.

Slide the rosemary over each breast and back. Keep some for later.

Slice the lemon and place 1 or 2 slices over each side of the breast and 1 down the back. You can also save a slice or two to be used with the garlic and rosemary.

Salt and pepper the outside of the bird liberally.

**Here's my favorite part: Now, crack that beer and drink about 3/4 or most of the beer.

Now crack another beer and only drink about 1/3, we'll use this one in the chicken.

Press in the top of the can to make more of an opening and insert the Garlic, rosemary and lemon.

Either slide the birds pelvis over the can or shove the can up into it. Just get it seated solidly and prep the grill. It should sit on the counter fine without supports, if not, do not attempt to grill until it does.

If your using Propane or charcoal, figure out an offset cooking technique. I place a large piece of heavy aluminum foil down the center and set the bird on it, orientating it breast facing you. I don't want flames directly touching the chicken but even heat up the sides are a must. If using propane most of you should have enough clearance to shut the lid. If not, you may have to construct some type of cover, else your bird may not cook through properly. In any case, ensure there are no flame ups by peeking every few minutes.
Cook the bird for 35-45min on low to medium low heat. Yes, you could cook it faster, but why rush perfection? Drink those beers and chat with friends.

Use thermometers to check the temps in thigh and top of breast. roughly 180 in the thigh area and about 170 in the breast. If you don't have a thermometer then just cut the breast and check for clear juices. Let it stand for 5 min after grilling.

Remove the can and enjoy. Its not the typical engineering approach but its the best damn chicken I have ever had. Get creative with your rubs and post here your variations.
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