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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:29 pm    Post subject: Pancakes Reply with quote

Pancakes are a classic breakfast favorite - regrets, folks sometimes have issues producing a good batch. So, in addition to scaled down quantities, here's a few tips on pancakes.

Sidebar: some folks like to use "pre-packaged mixes" - another option is "batter in a box" - open&pour. while these approaches "work" one may find them less than tasty, gone stale, got buggy, 'funny' taste, and whatever else. if it works for you, go for it.
the basic ingredients are so simple, causes me to wonder why one would clutter up the pantry or the fridge with "instant, just add water" type stuff.

This recipe is based on a mid-1980's Consumer Report article - they tested rafts of mixes, etc., and the panel overwhelmingly preferred the home spun variety.

To make six 'standard' size pancakes - breakfast for two...

140 grams AP Flour
pinch of salt
25 grams white granulated sugar
1 teaspoon/5 grams baking powder

pre-heat griddle to 375'F / 190'C
with a non-stick surface less oil is required; if bacon has been cooked and the fat washed around on the griddle prior to the pancakes, no oil is required.

one large egg
250 grams Milk
15 ml / 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil (optional)

when the griddle is hot, mix the wet & dry ingredients with a large spoon; smash any large lumps against the side of the bowl. it is not necessary to eliminate all "lumps."

pour batter directly onto griddle.

as the batter stands, it will become thicker in time as the flour soaks up more moisture. I find it necessary, almost without exception, to add 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) water to the batter to adjust the consistency just prior to pour/cooking.

as you can see in the pix, I prefer to add 'the goodies' after the pour. do not dawdle, get the goodies into the still wet and liquid batter.

adding for example blueberries after the pour ensure a distribution of berries to your preference, and eliminates the "blue batter" syndrome. other goodies of success:
red/black raspberries, sliced banana, sliced strawberry, sliced kiwi, pecan halves/chunks.

when bubbles coming up through the batter remain open and edges lose their liquid sheen, flip pancake. note in the pix, most griddles have a U-shaped heating element; I try to rotate the pancake about 90' to minimize any under-done areas.

tap on the (flipped) pancakes with a spatula; when they sound 'hollow' they are done - roughy 2.5-3 minutes. serve fruit side up or down, per preference.

for the observants: the "missing pancake" - I eat three, DW eats two. when using the electric griddle with temperature control, the sixth gets cooked and tossed out the birds.
it can also be used to test if the griddle is up to temperature.

(1) I lightly beat the egg into 1% milk for ease of mixing/distribution.
(2) Flour: Ceresota Unbleached AP - different brands absorb/react differently; qty tweaking may be needed; take notes.
(3) Sugar - more or less to personal preference
(4) Adding some pizazz: extract flavorings - a drop or two of almond, vanilla, rum, spearmint, peppermint, clove oil (works well with breakfast ham steak....)

and a note doomed to go down as heresy: I use the same recipe for waffles however I double the sugar to promote browning and do not omit the oil. what can I say, it works and the waffles are ueber tasty.
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